Rel.: 03/08/2024

Format: Digital

GUT Soundtrack

The music for my mini-series comprises of newly created music during filming, original tracks, new mixes, and later edited material. The work on the film developed so associatively that I quickly realized that the music had to be similarly spontaneous. This resulted in many improvisations that fit the rhizomic and random style of the mini-documentary series. I created some layouts directly during the filming, e.g. the track Nostaglie/Accordion was later developed from the live recording. Of course, it's also about memories, about nostalgia, about how I discovered the accordion as a teenager. I played around with many small instruments - analog and electronic - and really made use of my collection. I remixed older tracks such as "How Can I Move" or "Bist Du Schon Weg". The version of 'Kaltes, Klares Wasser' is new, namely from the rehearsals for the live performance of Mücken/Moskitos in 2021, where Bettina Köster and Manon Pepita were of course also present. Some of the music is taken directly from the series, such as fragments of the small Monotron set in the park or part of the Monika Werkstatt concert in the garden with Pilocka Krach and Midori Hirano. Short sketches, musical jokes, hard breaks are closely linked to each other to create a good (gut) flow.“ (Gudrun Gut)

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