4 Women No Cry


The simple but effective concept behind monika enterprise’s 4 Women No Cry series is to present, on one long player, 4 more or less unknown female musicians from 4 different countries, each with their own unique sound and brings to light 4 of the worlds freshest new musical talents. As ever the Volume has been expertly compiled by monika founder Gudrun Gut. 4 Women No Cry takes in everything from pop and electronica to experimental sound collages.

4 Women No Cry VOL.1 with:
Catarina Pratter (Austria), Èglantine Gouzy (France), Tusia Beridze (Georiga), Rosario Bléfari (Argentina)

4 Women No Cry VOL.2 with:
Iris (Espania), Monotekktoni (Germany), Mico (England/Japan), Dorit Chrysler (USA/Austia)

4 Women No Cry VOL.3 with:
Liz Christine (Brazil), Julia Holter (USA), Manekinekod (Greece), Lucrecia Dalt (Colombia)