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GUT Mini-Doku-Series on TV


Director: Heiko Lange / Creative Director: Gudrun Gut / Camera: Johannes Funk / Edit: Marvin Leibold / Production: Kobalt Documentary for rbb

Gudrun Gut dares to take on a new, untried challenge in her 40-year career: a mini-documentary series about herself. As co-director, leading actress and composer, she invites you to her datscha in the Uckermark region, 100 miles northeast of Berlin.
Here she takes on the challenging task of bringing her own life to the screen. Gradually, a profound portrait emerges of a woman who has held her own in a male-dominated industry and never lost sight of her own artistic vision. “Gut” not only provides an impressive insight into the fascinating world of an extraordinary artist who courageously explores the unknown, but is also a tribute to the female power of creativity and the love of music and nature.
Episode 1 The Blank Page. In the first episode of “GUT,” everything revolves around the mysterious blank page that means so much to artists. A Boat trip at moonlight with Thomas Fehlmann, a foto session with Mara von Kummer, and the surprise guest Ben Becker.
Episode 2 MMM. In the second episode the letter M takes center stage: Music, Mother, Malaria, and the mysterious Monotron. Gudrun composes the soundtrack for her series, everything turns into a pink dream. In the studio with her bandmates Manon Pepita and Bettina Köster.
Episode 3 The Sourdough. In the final episode, Gudrun turns her attention to the everyday, the routines, the laundry, and the bread. Here, an artistic ode to the freedom hidden in the seemingly ordinary unfolds. The visit of musicians Pilocka Krach and Midori Hirano culminates in a garden performance with Monika Werkstatt. A delicate symphony of the everyday, the essence of art and community resides.
All 3 parts are in the ARD MEDIATHEK until 8th of march 2026
ACHTUNG: rbb TV on the 8th of March 2024