Gudrun Gut brings a new collection of remixes taken from her current solo album MOMENT including 4 goose-bump inducing tracks ideal for all floors and moods. The choice of artists doing the remixes speaks for itself: Dasha Rush, Paul Frick, Pilocka Krach, T.Raumschmiere. May the new season begin!
The cover of Bowie's BOYS KEEP SWINGING was already a good idea as it was, but the remix by Pilocka Krach brings to it a dry acid bass-line and a truly swinging beat making this into a sexy dance number. Dasha Rush's remix of BABY I CAN DRIVE MY CAR demonstrates Gudrun Gut's lyrics and reconstructs the song as an atmospheric sound cloud, which makes this otherwise tight and functional club track float. LOVER as remixed by TRaumschmiere starts of as a booming techno tracks and by adding wide harmonic pads winds up as a moment of joy. This runs (and tingles). Paul Frick took on the piece MUSIK and turned it into a spectacular track with a presssing though laid back sub-bass and classy house groove as well as magical drifting samples.

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