Rel.: 03/24/2006

Format: 7inch CDM

The Operator

As a foretaste of her upcoming album Monika Enterprise brings you a maxiCD single and 7" vinyl of Morgenstern's newest hit “the operator”. The song has a charming nursery rhyme feel and an unstoppable drive. Morgenstern’s sound is both melancholic and upliflting. The accoustic piano version is beautiful in its simplicity and the maxiCD contains an exclusive new track “Mein elektrisches Tier” (trans. my electric animal). Get connected, "Take me to the Operator..." BARBARA MORGENSTERN ON “THE OPERATOR” The “Operator” is a kind of oracle or magic place where all the questions which pile up run together like thousands of cables to get disentangled. It’s possible to reset ones inner being at this place, to undo what has been done, and how all this happens the educated listener can find out in the lyrics...

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