Rel.: 09/01/2000

Format: CD


komëit consist of chris flor (guitar, vocals) and julia kliemann (keyboards, glockenspiel, vocals). the komëit project started when chris was asked to perform a couple of his home- recorded songs live. he started preparations on his own, but then luckily decided to ask julia to join him. from then on everything went really fast: within three weeks they had put together a set for guitar, computer, e-piano, glockenspiel and harmonic singing. after the concert they were asked to put out an ep on lok-musik, berlin. more concerts, including a tour throughout germany followed. now the lp is out, containing eleven songs written together. though the tracks are clearly song-structured and the choice of instruments points to a tradition of home recording, the computer, digital cut-and-paste montage and the loop are vital for their songwriting. but what chris and julia are concerned with is not klangforschung, the processing of sound: voices and instruments have not been sent through filters but stand next to each other in digital clarity.

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