Rel.: 08/01/2002

Format: 7inch

I Want You To Know

Ladies and Gentlemen, we want you to know! Some might know Masha Qrella from her work with Contriva and Mina. Now we proudly present her first solo release. A great song with english vocals and a mix from Tobi Higgs on the b-side. "I want you to know" is at the same time rough and not conformist, special and catchy; one recognizes hints of Contriva, but here Masha sings in her own charismatic, feminine, sad and joyful way. This is a personal and extraordinary song. Masha Qrella's debut is initially challenging, but then the music warmly and elegantly nestles against the walls of every room, where it stays present for a long time, even after the last note has faded away. This is massive!

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