Sutemos (US)

Are you familiar with the feeling when you suddenly discover something
suprisingly beautiful, something that is close to your heart, something that
you are enjoying non-stop for the whole week? I am familiar with that
already. I just love this feeling.

Although Baden-Baden is debut album of Michaela Melián, although Michaela
Melián is more of artist than musician (in spite of that she plaid
violoncello, Spanish Guitar, Electric Bass, Organ, Acordion, Melodica in the
album and has even lent her voice), although this album is compilation of
accompanying pieces to Melián’s exhibitions, it just has killed me. I listen
and I admire. I already have a question in my head “what its like?”.
Baden-Baden is probably alike everything you have heard before. But why
should Michaela reinvent the wheel when the exsisting ideas fit for your her
perfectly. I listen. The sound of it is, however, close to electronic
excursions of Thomas Fehlmann and to the whole spirit of KOMPAKT label. Hard
german manner. Reservedly emotional. Everything is rationally counted. And
be careful with StraÃ?e – it is like a drug which turns you in and does not
let go. A syringe of adrenalin directly into prostrate heart. I don’t want
to exclude any of sevent tracks of the album – all of them are interelated
and matted. But A Song For Europe is out of the whole context of the
Baden-Baden. It tears the electronical line apart and leaves you with a
single vocal which is slightly accompanied by intrumental backgrounds. This
might not have happened. But everything else is just perfect.

A really surprisingly fresh album from Monika Enterprise. Baden-Baden is
the kind of thing I least expected after the release of Cobra Killer. Those
who like deep rhythms surrounded by soft intrumental sounds will just love
this one.