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GUDRUN GUT – MOMENT (CD by Monika Enterprises)

It is not strange I would think to continue with the music of Gudrun Gut, who started her career back in the very early 80s with Einsturzende Neubauten and Mania D, then Malaria! and later on running labels as Monika Enterprises and Moabit, as well as club nights and record producer. She still has time to record her solo music and her new solo record is called ‘Moment’ and just like Stephanie Pan it is part of the world of alternative pop music more than, I would think, that of the experimental music of Vital Weekly. Her music is based on synthesizers and sequencers, a bit of
dark wave, cold wave, techno and minimal, and she adds her voice, half reciting poetry, half singing. A lyric like ‘Baby I Can Drive My Car’ is quite political (about women driving cars in Saudi Arabia), but others might be less overtly political. Gut also recorded a cover of Bowie’s ‘Boys Keep Swinging’. Ermm… what else? Lovely stuff, great pop, less theatrical than Pan, more straightforward in the use of beats and a bit of place in these pages for sure. (FdW)

––– Address: https://www.monika-enterprise.de/

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