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Gudrun Gut – Video premiere – Music

December 05 2018 by Thomas

German electronic originator Gudrun Gut’s latest solo collection distills a lifetime of persuasions and obsessions into a compelling 14-track statement: “Moment.” Stark, somber, sultry, and clever, the sides slide between ballad and lament, synth-pop and spoken word, anthemic and abstract.
Gut’s background as a key figure in Berlin’s first-wave industrial uprising still casts an aura in the music’s mechanized rhythms and frozen emotional palette but decades of improvisation and collaboration have deepened her sense of composition and melody beyond any easy genre categorization.
If anything “Moment” finds Gut’s muse at its most enigmatic, threading shades of motorik hypnosis, technoid laboratory, coldwave pop, glitchy gauze, and even a gender-bent Bowie cover (“Boys Keep Swinging”) into its eclectic web. It also showcases the depth and detail of her voice, reserved but suggestive, intoning blunt truths and opaque poetry in both German and English.
Gudrun Gut’s story spans many years, scenes, and sounds, from the “ingenious dilettantes” subculture of early 1980’s Berlin as part of Mania D, Einstürzende Neubauten, and Malaria! to her twilit industrial pop trio Matador into an expansive solo catalog of later work scoring films, videos, and radio plays. Recently Gudrun performed at The Royal Albert Hall with Âme as part of an Innervisions label night.


Video directed, shot and edited by Steph von Beauvais / Second camera / Light: Smina Bluth / Light Assistant: Justus Lemm / Car: Thomas Marecki / Footage Saudi Arabia: Claudia A. Ziegeler, Jake McLennan, Ahmed Fawad / song written by Gudrun Gut published by Golden Good/Budde album: GUDRUN GUT – MOMENT (c) 2018 monika enterprise LC01806

Cat.no.: m93
Format: CD/Digital/LP

1. Startup Loch
2. Musik
3. Shuttle Service
4. Seltene Erde
5. Baby I Can Drive My Car
6. Boys Keep Swinging
7. FMP
8. Schienenersatzverkehr
9. Lover
10. Glieder
11. Biste Schon Weg
12. Are You Hungry
13. Sein
14. Backup