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Gudrun Gut, Lucrecia Dalt and more team for all-female collaborative album Monika Werkstatt
By Miles Bowe, Apr 27 2017

Hear Lucrecia Dalt’s ‘Blindholes’ now.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of her label Monika Enterprise, veteran experimental artist Gudrun Gut has enlisted other female artists from her label including Lucrecia Dalt, Beate Bartel, Barbara Morgenstern for the collaborative release Monika Werkstatt.

The album, which also features AGF, Danielle De Picciotto, Islaja, Sonae and Pilocka Krach, is the result of a collective workshop (or “werkstatt”) in Berlin. The group lived and recorded together with various members taking the lead on individual tracks such as the new ‘Blindholes’ which is credited to Lucrecia Dalt + Werkstatt.