m89 FBI radio AUS

FBI Radio, Sydney 94.5
Utility Fog, 17.09.2017


Danielle de Picciotto & Werkstatt – Desert Fruit (Perera Elsewhere Remix) [Monika Enterprise]
AGF & Werkstatt – Ninjaness [Monika Enterprise]
Lucrecia Dalt & Werkstatt – Blindholes (Borusiade Remix) [Monika Enterprise]
Earlier this year Gudrun Gut’s label Monika convened a Werkstatt (German for workshop) in a country property outside of Berlin with a generations-crossing group of female electronic producers from around the world. A double LP and CD set was released a few months ago with a substantial array of collaborative works, and now what appears to be the first in a set of remix EPs has been released (this one subtitled “Berlin / Los Angeles”). Not all of the remix artists featured are female, but the two I’ve selected tonight do also happen to be. First up, the boundary-pushing Perera Elsewhere from the UK radically reworks one of the highlights from the compilation from Berlin-based American multimedia artist Danielle de Picciotto (for the last 5 years a member of postpunk legends Crime & the City Solutiom), and later Miruna Boruzescu aka Romanian producer Borusiade turns in a dark techno take on Lucrecia Dalt‘s short contribution. In between, one of the original contributions, choppy electronica from the one and only AGF.