Chain D.L.K. (US)

This lovely diddlysquat from talented musician Gudrun Bredemann aka Gudrun Gut, Berlin music scene ambassador and label boss of renowned Monika Enterprise, on the contrails of her appreciated album “Wildlife” wisely digs up an evergreen again: the lighthearted whistled jingle of “Going Up The Country”, whose notorious flute line and more recognisable distinguishing feature came from “Bull Doze Blues”, an unknown blues gem written by Henry Thomas in late 20ies before American blues-rock band Canned Heat rearranged it for the above-mentioned song, which has been considered as the unofficial anthem of the legendary Woodstock festival, feeds this funny electronic version whose punkish claws and bewitching grace of Gudrun Gut’s voice immediately catch listeners. On B-side, you’ll find a peppy remix of “Tiger” by which Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble repaid the favour of Gudrun Gut’s collaboration for “Fantasie Madchen”, which was included in their new album “Miami”, while all those who will prefer digital version of the release will be awarded another bizarre remix of “Going Up The Country” by long lasting partner-in-art and friend Thomas Fehlmann, who prefers to toddle in the land of slow funk. Another tempting musical invitation to go wilder!