boomkat (UK)


‘Forget’fulness’ is another disarming slab of slithering electronic pop from Max Ernst alumnus Natalie Beridze (aka TBA), this time however she allows the pop to slightly outweigh the electronics. Her work has for a long time skated (and blurred) the line between experimental and pop, but ‘Forget’fulness’ is maybe her most successful to date. There are nods towards the classic disco of Georgio Moroder but the record never ‘goes disco’, there are allusions to the stuttering electronics of Autechre but the album never ‘goes electronica’. Rather this album is a careful collection of songs, and like Bjork before her Beridze uses the unusual production as a jumping off point for her creativity and vocal performance. Strange and beautiful, it is hardly surprising that Ryuichi Sakamoto pops up for a collaboration. His masterful control of beauty and experimentation is perfectly in line with Beridze’s pop expressionism. Lovely stuff.