adequacy (US)

Natalie Beridze goes by TBA, which gives her songwriting persona a sense of shadowy mystique. Her music is similarly intangible, embracing the darkened electronic miasma that takes credence from both Broadcast and Nine Inch Nails. On Forgetfulness Beridze’s cusped voice hovers over the queasy blips and gut-pounding bass, squelching out peculiar, rickety melodies. Sometimes, like on “Deeply Superficial”, she follows her penchant for chaotic noise all the way, rocking the listener off their centers. But usually she’s embracing the quiet sides of bliss, “Silently” slinks along like a fading dream; “Half This Game is 90% Mental” is essentially a 9-minute hibernation.
Natalie’s psycho-sexual character and skill behind the boards makes Forgetfulness a full listen, but occasionally the constant bleakness can get a little overwhelming. Clocking in at a solid hour without the slightest patch of brightness is ballsy, but occasionally a little boring. Still, she has her act together more than plenty of other producers.

Natalie Beridze/TBA – Forgetfulness