The new project size for monika enterprise in the coming years is „monika life“.

It’s about living:
getting involved and taking part and learning and enjoying.
Let’s make pop culture a comprehensible experience, let’s be part of it, not just a product. Of course, this is all encompassing and so it should be.

The series is called „Monika Werkstatt/workshop“. The focus is on the works of the artists and interaction with the audience. There will be multiple monika workshop events with discussions and the presentation of new works that are still in creation. Space for development will be a strong theme, but hits and fun won’t be left out.
New entertainment – and informative and charming at that.

The event is coming in two variable parts with 3-5 artists:
– the artist talk or workshop with participants
– the final work on stage, the live show

Danielle de Picciotto ( Desert music, Nomad) Album: Tacoma (April 2015)
Islaja ( Eclectic Pop from Finland, lives in Berlin) Album: SUU
Barbara Morgenstern ( Queen of Harmonies, Berlin) Album: Doppelstern (Sept 2015)
Pilocka Krach ( Belladonna Dance, Berlin) Album: Best Of (May 2015)
Natalie Beridze ( Magic music, Tiflis, Georgia) Album: GULIAGAVA (Feb 2016)
AGF ( with G.Gut as Greie Gut Fraktion, from Berlin, lives in Finland) Album: Baustelle
Sonae (Ambient artist, Köln) Album: Far away is right around the Corner (Jan 2015)
Lucrecia Dalt (atomar music, from Colombia lives in Berlin)
Beate Bartel (Heroine of noise, Berlin) Album: Sirens, Instrumentals for Sirens (Jan 2017)
Gudrun Gut ( Underground Pop, Berlin) Album: Wildlife, Vogelmixe, Sirens, Instrumentals for Sirens (Jan 2017)
+ special GUESTS TBC


Summer 2016: Ten solo artists met in a studio on the countryside close to berlin and make music together. Free and without a concept- still full of the monika worshops they experienced the time before, just let go.
The workshop/werkstatt in the studio. 3 days of eating, talking and improvising together. After listening to the recordings each artist took a track home to develope and finish the production.
The result is the album „Monika Werkstatt/Monika Workshop“
released as double Vinyl in april 2017 on Monika Enterprise.
and monika celebrates its 20th birthday.

The joy wants to be shared:
Now we setting dates for Monika Werkstatt in Europe and USA.

for booking and more info please contact:
Mo Loschelder | media loca

our motto: meaningful entertainment.

Werkstatt Superbooth 17
Werkstatt Working

Werkstatt Studio
Werkstatt Studio 2

Werkstatt Munich 2016

Ludwigshafen – Sonae

Ludwigshafen 2016 – Islaja

Soundcheck Leipzig 2015
Soundcheck Leipzig 2

Werkstatt Roter Salon Berlin 2015
Roter Salon Discussion
Sonae – Roter Salon
de Picciotto – Roter Salon
Islaja – Roter Salon
G.Gut – Roter Salon
Werkstatt Zuerich 2015
Werstatt Zuerich 2